Sunday, 10 April 2016

Term Two Gospel Value: 
The Term Two gospel value is courage...we should be thinking about how being courageous in our lives can lead to positive self worth and opportunities.

Think about and discuss these questions with your parents and peers as we work through Term Two.  Make a comment or write a reflection on our Blog to share your thinking.

How can we show courage?
Why is courage important?
How might courage improve our lives?
When have you shown courage?
How does your faith make you courageous?
How can we be courageous while maintaining some caution? 
Why is caution still important?
Waratah Beach Camp, 2016

Camp is nearly upon us! We are all getting excited about going to Waratah Bay for Year 5 Camp.  A reminder that we leave on the 20th of April and return on the 22nd of April.  

Click on the link below which will take you to the website of the camp so you can have a sneak peak!

Waratah Bay Beach Camp Website

What are you looking forward to at camp? Share your thoughts here